Send emails from R with mailgun

Send emails from R with mailgun
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Until now I’ve been sending emails with R using my Gmail account. This works, but configuring mailR for the first time is always a pain. A few days ago @marked told me about mailgun and how to use it. The great thing is that you only need httr to use it.


Using @marked’s gist as my base, I created a tiny R package to make using mailgun even easier:

# Create an IMmailgun object
email_client <- mailgun$new(url = url, api_key = api_key, from = from)

# Send a simple email 
email_client$sendEmail(to = c("", ""), 
                       subject = "Test", plaintext = "Hola a todos!")

# Send an attachment

email_client$sendEmail(to = "", 
                       subject = "Test with attachment", 
                       plaintext = "Check the attachment",
                       attachment = './')

# Get stats