vizdraws is available on cran

vizdraws is available on cran
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vizdraws is available on cran. The goal of this package is to help communicate findings in a better way. For example, instead of communicating a point estimate you can communicate the probability that something is better or worse that its alternative:

vizdraws(prior = 'normal(0.05, 0.2)',
               posterior = rnorm(n = 10000, mean = 0.3, sd = 0.5))

However, in some cases 0 is not a relevant threshold for decision making. In those cases you can define a minimum meaningful effect and communicate 3 probabilities.

vizdraws(prior = "N(0,1)",
         posterior = rnorm(n = 10000, mean = 0.3, sd = 0.5),
         xlim = c(-3,3), 
         MME = 0.1)

Alternatively, you can define multiple relevant buckets for making decisions:

vizdraws::vizdraws(prior = "N(0,1)",
         posterior = rnorm(n = 10000, mean = 0.6, sd = 0.45),
         breaks = c(-0.25, 0, 0.1, 0.5))

If you like the idea of this package, know D3, and want to help me do it better please reach out. I have a few ideas for features that I would like to implement.